The hidden cost of cigarette smoke to your PC

Everyone tells you that smoking is bad for you and second hand smoke is bad for the people around you. I’m not here to tell you to quit smoking or anything like that. I want you to think about all the chemicals and tar that are in cigarettes.

Every time you smoke near your computer it pulls in the tar and smoke and that tar gets stuck on all of the components on the inside of your computer. Over time the build up of tar and dust will completely cover the fans and cooling elements of your computer.

Computer Repair Henderson NV This stuff can’t be blown off with compressed air, it has to be scraped of and then cleaned with special chemicals that wont harm the Computer repair Henderson NVcircuits. Also the tar and dust smells awful.  It’s enough to make some grown man have to run to the bathroom.

So please think of your computer next time you smoke near it.

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