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Is your kid getting around the parental controls

They could be using proxy sites. Like www.proxysite.com

They could be using a different WiFi. Maybe your neighbor’s WiFi doesn’t have a password protecting it.

Your child may have figured out your password.

kids are able to get around screen time limits by rolling back what time the device thinks it is.

10 Steps For Securing Your Home Network

  1. Change the name of your home wireless network

Changing your Wi-Fi’s name makes it harder for malicious hackers to know what type of router you have. If a cybercriminal knows the manufacturer of your router, they will know what vulnerabilities that model has and then exploit them.

  1. Choose a strong and unique password for your wireless network

Your wireless router comes pre-set with a default password. But it’s fairly easy for hackers to guess it, especially if they know the manufacturer.

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The dangers of using DIY home security systems

The state of Nevada requires that a security alarm to be physically checked out the alarm. You can be on vacation relaxing on the beach and all of a sudden you get an alert on your iPhone that someone is breaking into your house. You open the app and watch in horror as three strangers go through your house. You call the police and they ask you if you have physically checked on your property. No you’re on vacation. The police tell you about the law, and they will try to get someone over to your house in a couple of hours when they have a trooper free. They ask you to be sure to save the video from your cameras for their report.

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