Some awesome tips on hiding speaker wires

If you have extra wire and some artistic skill. You can turn your ugly Smart phone repairspeaker wire into wall art. This can be done easily with a hand full of tacks.

Laptop repair If you are a bit of a handyman, you can hide your speaker wire behind a crown molding . Some crown moldings you simply stick in place with double sided tape or some kind of adhesive. Others you will need to nail in place. Safety tip: be sure to use a latter when you are working near the ceiling. You don’t want a chair to kick out from under you.

Smart phone repair

An easy way to hide those ugly wires that you trip over all the time is to push the wire into the gap between the base board and the carpet. Just be sure not to use a knife you could cut the wire and have to start all over again.

Water damage repair You can also pry the base board lose and hide your wires be hind the base board. If you go this route be warned that you can easily damage the walls and the base board.


You can also run the wires through the walls. This is the most professional looking wall to hide your speaker wires. But it is also the most difficult. If you are interested in snaking wires through a wall there are some good videos on YouTube that will show you how to do it.

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