Secure your G-mail

G-Mail has been one of the largest email provider since 2012, when the number of active users were greater than Hotmail. Gmail had 425 million (estimate) users in the year 2012.

The point we need to think about now is security think about it : Your bank account, social media, work life, personal messages — they’re all tied back to your email account. You are not willing to access your account by some one. Now you can secure your account by taking every measure available to protect your email account, follow the given instruction below.

1.Enable 2-Step Verfication

This is the very important step to be taken to secure your account. If two-factor authentication is an option were you need to enable it. If someone gets details of your email address and password, they still can’t access your account from an unauthorized device without a verification code. You can set this code to be sent to your mobile phone or via a voice call to a phone line, and unless the thief has access to that phone, he or she can’t get the code. You can also set a backup number, in the event you lose access to your primary phone as well.

2. Monitor Your Recent Activity

Using this option you can see the logs of your account who has accessed your account and from which devices. If you feel that the logs doesn’t match your usage history, it may be a sign of your account that has been compromised and you should change your password soon.

3. Check Your Settings

In Gmail inbox you will see a little gear icon in the right top corner where you can go and check your settings. You should review your settings tab and make sure everything looks normal. Specifically, you should look at your filters and forwarding settings, because if you see any filters or forwarding addresses you didn’t add, someone may have hacked and configured your account to send messages to another email address.

Think about all the things that come into your inbox: password reset links, financial updates, personal messages, sensitive work matters, and plenty of other things you want to keep private.

4. Review Account Permissions

When you sign up for a new app or service, you are sometimes allowed to authorize access to your basic email information or email contacts. You should authorize third-party applications with caution, and it’s good to review a list of approved services to eliminate any unnecessary information sharing. You can check account permissions through your Google Account settings.

For a step-by-step tip sheet on keeping your Gmail secure, visit Google’s security checklist and make sure you’re making the most of their security options.

Few Important Tips :-

Use a unique, difficult-to-guess password to protect your account.
Update your account regularly especially when you have reason to be concerned your account has been compromised.
Don’t leave your account logged in on a computer or device someone else can easily access, and protect your personal devices with pass codes to further deter unauthorized email access.

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