Nasty new Ransomware with a sense of humor

There’s a nasty new version of Ransomware virus that’s spreading around the world, now that’s designed to scrambling victims’ files and hold their computers hostage for a hefty payment. This dangerous malware pays homage to the super popular television show “Breaking Bad” at the same. If the PolloCrypt malware gets on your computer, hackers could hold your precious data hostage for hundreds of dollars or more.

Henderson NV 89015 computer and mobile device repair You can protect yourself by making sure your anti-virus software is active and updated with the latest threat library.

You should also make sure you install updates and patches for your operating system and programs to make sure your computer isn’t vulnerable because of security flaws.

It’s also important to keep your eyes open for strange emails coming in through your inbox. Oftentimes, hackers can infect your computer by attaching malicious files to emails.

Remember, never open email attachments if you can’t verify the source.

Lastly, make sure you back up your computer on a regular basis.Henderson NV computer and mobile device repair