How to easily mount and burn ISOs with Windows 8.1

Mounting a Disc Image in Windows 8

When you mount a disc image file, Windows 8 creates a virtual disc drive that plays your ISO file as though it were a physical disc.

To do this in Windows 8, find the ISO file you want to mount in the File Explorer and select it. Select the “Disc Image Tools” tab that appears at the top of the Window and click “Mount.” Windows will create a virtual drive and immediately open the contents of the image for you to view.

To unmount the image, you need to “Eject” the virtual disc. There are two easy ways to do this. Your first option is to right-click the virtual drive from the File Explorer window and click “Eject”.

Burning an ISO File in Windows 8

When you burn an ISO file to a disc you are creating an exact duplicate of the original disc, not just the files on it.

To burn your ISO file to a disc, select it in the File Explorer, select the Disc Image Tools tab from the ribbon at the top of the window and click “Burn.”