Have you dropped your iPhone in water?

iPhone repair Henderson NV 89015Talk about having a bad day. You’re late for work and you have dropped your iPhone in a puddle as you got out of your car. Your whole life is on that phone. Your calendar, emails and all of your contacts.

I know you have googled water damage and you think you may try putting your phone in a bag of rice and hope that it might be okay in a day or two. ┬áIf you are super lucky that might work but you’ll likely have glitches with your phone.

your best beat is to turn your phone off completely and get it to a professional. To have a hope of saving your iPhone after it has been exposed to water is to open up the phone and be able to get to the circuits. Most of the circuitry in an iPhone has EMF shields and you have to be able to get underneath the shields to be able to get the water and minerals cleaned up.

Most of the time it’s the minerals in the water that gets caked on around the circuitry that causes a short and kills your phone. Here at Lupine Solutions I handle water damage.