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The dangers of using DIY home security systems

The state of Nevada requires that a security alarm to be physically checked out the alarm. You can be on vacation relaxing on the beach and all of a sudden you get an alert on your iPhone that someone is breaking into your house. You open the app and watch in horror as three strangers go through your house. You call the police and they ask you if you have physically checked on your property. No you’re on vacation. The police tell you about the law, and they will try to get someone over to your house in a couple of hours when they have a trooper free. They ask you to be sure to save the video from your cameras for their report.

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Preparing for what if

For the last couple of months, you heard able major natural disasters in the news lately. A bad hurricane in Puerto Rico, a powerful storm in Ireland, earthquakes in Mexico and massive fires in California.

Many businesses have been destroyed by these disasters. Now is the best time to setting up a business continuity plan. What is your business going to do if it is hit by a major natural disaster.

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