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IPhone lock screen bypass

Hacking personal pictures from iPhone Step 1: Since now you have target’s phone number, call on his/her iPhone – starting a FaceTime call will also do it.
Step 2: Now, targets iPhone screen will show a message icon, just click on ‘Message icon’ and then ‘Custom Message’ to go to the New Message screen where you are allowed to type a reply.
Step 3: Next, you need to activate Siri by long-pressing the Home button and say “Turn on Voice Over,” and Siri will get the job done by turning it ON. Continue reading IPhone lock screen bypass

19 amazing new features with iOS 9

Settings are now searchable. Can’t find that setting your looking for? Scroll to top left and enter in what your looking for.
You can now ask Siri to play the rest of the album that your listening to.
You can now ask Siri to search your pictures by location.
Maps now have a near you option. Restaurants, fun, and much more.
All new app-switcher double tap the home button and the shuffle through your open apps like a deck of cards. Continue reading 19 amazing new features with iOS 9