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How to know the WiFi password using cmd:

Open the command prompt and run it as administrator.

In the next step, we want to know about all the profiles that are stored in our computer. So, type the following command in the cmd:

netsh wlan show profile. This command will list out all the WiFi profiles that you have ever connected to.

Type the following command to see the password of any WiFi network:

netsh wlan show profile name="INSERT SSID HERE" key=clear

Under the security settings, in the ‘key content’, you will see the WiFi password of that particular network.

Bonus Information:

Under the profile information, you can see mac randomization is disabled. You can turn on mac randomization feature to avoid your location tracking based on the device’s MAC address.

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Protect your passwords.

If you are going to have Firefox save your passwords, then you should also set a Master Password. Otherwise anyone with access to your computer can view your saved passwords. The Master Password will be required for you saved passwords to be loaded. Firefox will prompt you to enter it once per session when it is needed. With a Master Password in place, in principle no one can see your passwords unless he also has your Master Password.

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How ISIS Uses Social Media

[Infographic] How ISIS Uses Social Media
By ZeroFOX on May 27, 2016 1672
ISIS has built a sophisticated and effective online propaganda engine, exploiting many mainstream networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Diaspora and LinkedIn. Their efforts resemble a well-oiled marketing department, employing experts in PR and design to ensure a legitimate appearance. ISIS has mastered the art of making the voices of a few sound like the voices of millions.

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