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How a blog can help you meet your goals

In today’s age of technology having your own website makes lots of sense. Having a personal website is like owning a house or a car but in this case its digital. Having your own website or blog lets you share with world things that interest you. It lets you say “This is what I have to offer!” Building your own website from the ground up can be very satisfying. Having your own Blog allows you to share the thiSEO for Bloggersngs that you love like working out, being super organized or river fishing. A blog can be about anything that you want it to be. You can’t spend every last minute of your day in the gym, but with a blog you can help other people with the knowledge that you have. Sharing your interest and knowledge can make you feel really good about yourself because you are helping other people out. It feels amazing when one of your readers posts a comment about something that you wrote in your blog. What you share with other people can change someone else life. Continue reading How a blog can help you meet your goals

Getting Your Website or Blog To Page 1 On Search Results

You could have the greatest blog in the whole world but if no one can find it what good is it. In this post I am going to go over some of SEO for Bloggersthe things that WordPress can to help your site be found by Google. Google and yahoo love WordPress the search algorithms work really well with WordPress. This alone gives you and edge to getting to the coveted page 1 in a search result.


Keywords still play a big part in search engine results. Don’t go crazy thinking that you have to fill your different sites and post with a ton of keywords. Google has caught on to this trick and you now get penalized for doing it. Add one or two keywords here or there but make sure that is makes sense to the real life people who are going to be reading you blog.

#tags and WordPress tags will also help you get your site found by search engines. Tags are like street signs for Googlebots or spiders to find and map your website.

The last thing is be sure that you have a sitemap for your website or blog. There are WordPress plugins that will do all the work for you and submit the sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Bing.