Fun ways to mess with an ex

If you’ve shared passwords to things like Netflix, HBO Go, etc. with her, change them all to something like “lauraisacadaverouslayandadumbbitch.” (Laura’s a cadaverous lay and a dumb bitch.) Then text her and tell her she can continue to use them if she’s cool with typing that password in. Change it again a day or so later.

If you know what their email is sign them up for all of the political newsletters that you can find.

Fire up Photoshop and load a picture of the two of you together. Put a circle over their face with text on the inside reading “YOUR FACE HERE.” Make it your profile picture for fucking everything, and post it to Instagram and tag him/her in it.

How to bypass cisco switch passwords

The default configuration for the switch allows an end user with physical access to the switch to recover from a lost password by interrupting the boot process during power-on and by entering a new password. These recovery procedures require that you have physical access to the switch. 

You enable or disable password recovery by using the service password-recovery global configuration command. Follow the steps in this procedure if you have forgotten or lost the switch password. 

Step 1 Connect a terminal or PC with terminal-emulation software to the switch console port. 

Step 2 Set the line speed on the emulation software to 9600 baud. 

Step 3 Power off the switch. Reconnect the power cord to the switch and, within 15 seconds, press the Modebutton while the System LED is still flashing green. Continue pressing the Mode button until the System LED turns briefly amber and then solid green; then release the Mode button. 

Step 1 Initialize the flash file system:  switch: flash_init

Step 2 If you had set the console port speed to anything other than 9600, it has been reset to that particular speed. Change the emulation software line speed to match that of the switch console port. 

Step 3 Load any helper files:  switch: load_helper

Step 4 Display the contents of flash memory:  switch: dir flash:

Step 5 Rename the configuration file to config.text.old. 

Step 6 Boot the system:  switch: boot

You are prompted to start the setup program. Enter N at the prompt: 

Congratulations you now have access to the switch.