October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity awareness has never been more important than it is right now. Governments, businesses, and individuals are increasingly under attack by cybercriminals looking for profit or political gain. It seems like everywhere you look, malware attacks are on the rise, from cyberespionage attempts on mobile phones to ransomware attacks on businesses. The topic even received national attention in the first presidential debate, where Democratic nominee said, “I think cybersecurity will be one of the biggest challenges facing the next president.”

Why it is so important to change default settings.

One of the biggest mistakes that users do when it comes to cybersecurity is that they never change the default settings for their devices. This is a real problem with the internet of things. People have their devices hooked up to their network and they never change the password.

Lots of people have CCTV security cameras in their houses. By not changing the default settings a hacker can easily view your camera feed. Continue reading Why it is so important to change default settings.