Using technology to stay in touch with family is easier then ever

Talking to your friends and family on the phone is nice and texting feels impersonal but face to face is best. Being able to spend time face to face with family is hard in this modern age, especially when you live far apart. This is where Skype really shines.

What is Skype? Skype is a free program that lets you video conference with other people. All you need is a computer, mic, webcam and Internet. Most new laptops have built in cameras and mics.

If you are using windows 8 or 8.1 you can use the Skype app or you can download the desktop version. I made a couple YouTube videos using you how to download Skype and set it up.

The second video will show you how you can import your Facebook contacts to Skype.


Review of the Cooler Master Devastator keyboard and mouse combo

DSC_5245I just got the Devastator today from Walmart. I did a site-to-store to save on shipping it showed up two days earlier then Walmart said it would take to get here. So that is always good news. So far I love it. It toke me a second to find the SCR LK button so I could turn on the LED back light. I have no problem using the keyboard at my desk I find it very comfortable to use. The mouse on a shinny surf was a poor performance, but once I broke out my mouse pad I was all good. I also tried just using the mouse on a piece of paper that worked fine as well. The value is probably it’s biggest selling point at just around $30 with tax you really can’t find a better deal. Below is neweggs overview of the Devastator combo.