How to find your iPhone even when it’s on silent

Now suppose that you lost your phone — and you’re beside yourself. Log in to your iCloud account from any browser on your computer. Click Find My iPhone.

Apple now supplies a free Find My iPhone app in the App Store. So you could use an iPhone loaded with this app to locate another iPhone.

Assuming that your lost phone is turned on and in the coverage area, its general whereabouts should appear on a map.

You click Play Sound to sound an alarm that plays for two minutes, even if the phone was in silent mode. Very handy if the phone was rate by the couch.

Find your android phone even on silent

You can use Google’s official Android Device Manager to locate your phone, here are the simple steps:

1)Go to Android Device Manager by Google in your desktop browser, follow the link HERE.
2)Login with the same Gmail account you used to activate your Android Device before and registered in Google Play.
3)Now you will see your device name and last login date. Also, you will be seeing three options i.e. Ring, Lock and Erase.
4)By clicking on Ring, your device starts ringing at high volume which help you find your phone in seconds. This function works even when your phone is in silent mode.