What Are Spyware Programs?

Spyware programs can accomplish a multitude of malicious tasks. Some of their deeds are simply annoying for the user; others can become downright aggressive in nature.

Spyware can:-

Monitor your keystrokes for reporting purposes.
Scan files located on your hard drive.
Snoop through applications on our desktop.
Install other spyware programs into your computer.
Read your cookies.
Steal credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal information.
Change the default settings on your home page web browser.
Mutate into a second generation of spyware thus making it more difficult to eradicate.
Cause your computer to run slower.
Deliver annoying pop up advertisements.
Add advertising links to web pages for which the author does not get paid. Instead, payment is directed to the spyware programmer that changed the original affiliate’s settings.
Provide the user with no uninstall option and places itself in unexpected or hidden places within your computer making it difficult to remove


If you believe your computer is infected with spyware or any type of malware. Call us we can help, with our remote support service. You don’t even have to leave your house.

Windows updates problem and solution

The problem:

This week my Laptop running Windows 8.1 got a Windows update that caused my mail, calender and contacts apps to not work. I tried doing a system restore to before the update but that didn’t fix the problem.

The solution:

I fixed the problem by uninstalling the Mail app and then go to the Windows store and re-install the Mail app.

I hope that is information helps someone else out.