19 amazing new features with iOS 9

Settings are now searchable. Can’t find that setting your looking for? Scroll to top left and enter in what your looking for.
You can now ask Siri to play the rest of the album that your listening to.
You can now ask Siri to search your pictures by location.
Maps now have a near you option. Restaurants, fun, and much more.
All new app-switcher double tap the home button and the shuffle through your open apps like a deck of cards.
Search your pictures is now super easy with the new scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.
Now you can see a picture thumbnail of your contacts in messages.
Siri makes suggests in spotlight. Just swipe the screen to the right.
Music now responds to you plugging in you headphones. When you plug in you headphones the music app automatically opens for you.iphone5_ios7
You access iCloud Drive through the new native app.
Go back to the previous app with a little black link in the upper left corner.
You can now embed websites, maps, and pictures into notes.
You ask Siri to play song by an artist now.
Maps now includes bus and subway routes.
You have to check out the new News app.
You can now add attachments to your emails.
You can a spotlight search for the score of the game, just type in the name of your favorite teams.
On an iPad you place two figures on the screen for easy cutting and copying.
You can now safe a web site as a PDFs to iBook app.